My Companies

These 3 companies are the main businesses I am in.  While there has been some success, I believe these are in their infancy.  And I also would say I have great expection of their success and more businesses to follow.  


Let me give a quick tour of just a few of the ideas that I have actually taken steps on and seen at least some fruit.

Contract Media - Design . Animation . Video

First is Contract Media.  In 2004 I was working for a church when I was approached by someone that wanted a video made.  They trusted me to get a video done for them!  That was the first step into Contract Media.  

I started on my own but now have a lot of partners/friends that help me get stuff done.  We create professional design, animation and video.  

We work on everything from a small promo for the church down the street to being part of large projects with American Airlines and Samsung. If you have any questions or just want reach out, please go here.

Double Edged Notes - Journal Company

In early 2015 I ran into a good friend and former co-worker, Jeff Parker, at a coffee shop.   We found ourselves in a unique seasons.  Jeff opened up about an idea that was lodged in his head one night while traveling with his family.  It involved a journal. When I heard it I became very excited because I too had been thinking about a product, and I was have wanted to find a reason to work with Jeff again. 

Double Edged Notes was born.  It aligns with my desire to do something with eternal meaning, to sell a product, and to use my design and video experience to build a company I own.

Oh!  And if you didn't know, for every bible purchased we distribute a bible into a country closed to the Gospel.  Buy one here.

Brightside Creative - Church Media . Stock Photography & Video

Brightside was formed in the fire of experience of creating church media with no budget, no time, and high expectations.  I started Brightside Creative with Jonathan Culp in 2012. It was a side project that deserves a promotion.  I often find myself wanting to create for Brightside, and other demands arise.  

We have both church media and stock photos and videos available as church resources.  We are making a website at the moment and intend increase the momentum over the next couple years.  

Brightside Creative feeds the storyteller and artist in me.  It aligns with me wanting create for the church, and also creating digital products.