Entrepreneur at Heart

Ever since I was very young I have had a incurable desire to make things and sell them.  

I remember in fourth grade discovering that you can create an animation from a small notepad of white paper.  My dad was a CPA (still is) and had large office supply office/kitchen area in his building.  He knew I loved to draw so he would give me access to as much of the offices supplies as I wanted.  I don't actually remember learning that you could create animation on these notebooks by flipping the pages. But I do remember going to school with special orders from people.  One request may have been to have a stick figure hit a volleyball over the net into another's face.  I remember walking into the classroom with a stack of notebooks and selling them for $5 a pop!

This went on for SO MANY different tiny business adventures including (but not limited to) selling candy, Chap Stick guns, eBay store, Ticketmaster ticket sales, Collectables etc.

All this to say, I am all over the place on my business adventures, and I am having a blast doing it! 

I also realize I am not great at a lot of things but I do have strengths in communication and art.  I'm positive there are some business minded people that would love to have me on your team. I don't say that to be prideful, I say it because I would love to be on great 'biz minded' people team as well.  

My main business (and the one that currently pays the lump of the bills) is Contract Media.  We serve all types of businesses, churches, and non-profits with video production, design and animation.

Check out 'My Companies' page to see what I have my hands in now (as of the time of this blog its not up yet.  But its coming.